Visit to Louvre Museum (Tips and Trick)


I have been wanting to go to this museum since I was in high school and I still cannot believe that I actually have visited Paris in person, saw Eiffel with my own eyes, saw the beautiful city and its pretty building, bridges and of course the locals who loved to drink coffee outside (it still count as winter though so many people drink coffee inside.) Before I get to see this museum I have researched some tips and tricks to get into the museum because I know that Louvre is the most visited museum around the world and it is really crowded even during the low season. I learned that there are few entrances to get into the museum because first you need to pass the security check and that actually what makes the lines are really long. When I came to the museum, I went to the Carousel entry and the lines already long but still moving so it took around 15-30 minutes until I finally get into the building inside of pyramid then show my ticket. Anyway here is my tips and tricks for you if you planning to visit Louvre Museum:

  1. Try to get there early

I visited the Louvre first around 9AM from Carousel entrance and the line was empty (not that long) but when I get there to visit the museum around 2pm the line was so long until the Tabac shop which you can buy the museum ticket there too. So I have to wait in line just to get pass the security and after that you can go free directly to the museum or buy ticket if you don’t have yet.

  1. Buy ticket in advance

It is true that by buying ticket in advance it will make your life easier. Actually if you bought the ticket in advance there are two choices: First, if you bought it via the museum website then you can print out the ticket at home then you can go to the entrance in the Pyramids which is usually a lot of people lining up there. Second, you can purchase via then change your reservation to real ticket in tabac shop just near the Palais Royal or the Louvre metro station (it’s the green little shop who sells newspaper and magazines usually) then after that you can go in via Carousel and it’s just in front of the Palais Royal.

  1. Plan where and which you want to see

Louvre Museum is a huge museum as you may know and it’s like if you want to see ALL of the sculptures, paintings and everything inside Louvre, it will take you around ONE MONTH to finally see everything. So plan first which paintings you want to see and on where is the painting located (Denon Wings or Sully Wings or Richeliu Wings). For me, I decided to just visit Denon Wings as there are many paintings from Italian painters and of course the famous painting also there, The Mona Lisa (La Joconde) and I also have time to visited the Napoleon III Apartments in Richeliu Wings. In total I have spent around 2.5 – 3 hours just for that too and I skip a lot of paintings and sculptures, didn’t have time that much to read everything. So Louvre is divided by 3 buildings, Sully, Denon and Richelieu.


a. Denon Wings

This is mostly where people visited first. Why? It’s where the most famous painting in the world located, The Mona Lisa (La Joconde) by Leonardo Da Vinci. A lot of Italian painters and also other European painters like Dutch painters such as Rembrandts are also located in here. It is a huge and long building, I remembered walking through the Grand Galerie it felt like the building doesn’t have an end because it’s so long like it will never ends. You can also visit Galerie d’apollon, it’s a room where it used to be a model to make Hall of Mirrors in Palace of Versailles. So if you compare those two photos if you look up on google it is almost similar. The room was pretty big with a pretty decoration and paintings. On the ceiling you can see every zodiacs with its symbol statue and some paintings. On the side walls you can see painting or pictures of King Louis XIV, architects and the painters or designer who design and decors this room.


On denon wings
Da Vinci’s work
One of the statues in the Grand Galerie
Leonardo Da Vinci
Madonna of The Rocks
Situation of Grand Galerie
Entering the Mona Lisa’s painting location
And the painting…
Galerie d’Apollon



b. Sully Wings

Right after you finish visit Galerie d’Apollon, you can go visit to Sully Wings. On this wing you can see Greek and Roman sculptures. A lot of pretty sculptures actually including Venus de Milo or Aphrodite, The Winged sculpture (it’s so pretty) and also the Egyptian and Asian antiques. I think this wing is kinda the underrated one because mostly people will only pass this wing and sometimes it’s not that crowded as in Denon’s wing.

c. Richelieu Wing

In here, you can visit the Napoleon III ‘s Apartment and it was huge. I don’t you should think it as the modern apartment as you may know now. It is a really different kind of apartment, more like a petite palace. A lot of furnitures that was left during the Napoleon era and some from the king’s era were still here and still looks nice. From living room, bedroom, dining room, it’s in here! I was so amazed by all of this because I didn’t expect that it would be this huge and so pretty and of course so fancy. I kinda imagine what it looked like to live in here during those days, wearing those long dresses with some pretty manners etc like that.  You can also see French paintings by French painters, one of them is Eugene Delacroix. Too bad I didn’t get enough time to visit this place, I have to climbed up one storey long stairs (it’s a pretty stairs though) so I just decided to go to the apartments.


  1. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

As I said it before, Louvre is a big museum and it’s a simple tips but really useful for you. Wear walking shoes or maybe sneakers to your foot won’t be tired easily. I wore boots because it is still winter and I kinda wish I wore more comfortable shoes because I swear it is a looong walk and my foot hurts already.


Gili Trawangan

Hello guys, so I’ve just got back from my Lombok trip. I’ve spent four days in Lombok which not enough for me because I still want to stay long in Lombok! Especially in Gili Trawangan. It was such a beautiful place for relaxing and I think Lombok is my most favorite place. I’m sorry Bali, you’re not my number one anymore. I took a taxi from airport which cost around Rp. 615.000 including Avanza taxi and the speed boat to gili trawangan later. I shared with my two other friends so for each person it cost around Rp. 200,000. From airport to the bay it took around 2.5-3 hours, and there is no traffic just the route is we’re going up to the hill and I’ve seen good scenery (we were passing through the Malimbu hills and the view was just too beautiful). We waited for 1 hour for our speed boat to arrive, they said sorry took a long time because it was a high season then they are so busy. It only took around 10 minutes to arrive in Gili Trawangan island and the first step I put on the bay was I saw a lot of fish down there, the water was so clear like really clear. I stayed only one night at Dream Divers Resort and in my opinion the staying was good and comfortable with an affordable price. I’d like to stay in that place again next time when I visit Lombok (soon, amen).
Photo point at Malimbu Hills (along the way in Senggigi rd. before reaching the bay)
View from the photo point at Malimbu Hills. Very beautiful.
Waiting situation at the bay about one hour until the boat took us to Gili Trawangan island. (You can see far away there is an island and it’s Gili Meno if I’m not mistaken because there are 3 Gili Islands)
arrived at Gili Trawangan and checked-in  in our mini hotel, we
chilling out at the beach, clear water, very beautiful view and of
course the sun was very hot. But it’s still worth the view.


Then I rent a bike which only cost 50k for 1 day (24 hour full). In gili trawangan, you can either walk or rent a bike or using ‘cidomo’ (it’s a horse transportation) and there is no motorcycle at all! I spent the day until sunset just playing in the beach then waiting for sunset at Ombak Sunset Lounge (yes it’s the one with the sunset swing), there is an area in Gili Trawangan called “Sunset Point” and it’s the point where you can watch sunset. There are many choices from mini bar or big lounge like Ombak Sunset or Aston Beach lounge or you can even just visit the free beach which was not occupied by the bars. It was such a pretty sunset and the place was really good for taking a decent pictures but the food was quite okay I guess although it’s a bit pricey. I ordered some cocktails and hamburger and I think it cost more than 100k for one person but the cocktail was on happy hour so if you buy one get one free. So after the sun is gone we went back to our stay and along the way going back the centre of Gili is crowded with people eating their dinner, seafood everywhere and I was really craving saw the seafood hmmm and then there’s night market more like night food where locals sell their seafood and customer also will eat there, I tried two fishes I think it’s around 80k if I’m not mistaken, if you want to eat seafood with cheaper price then you can eat here at the night market, it opens every night.

At Ombak Sunset Lounge, many people going here because it’s the famous place in Gili for watching sunset.
It’s me the one who sitting at the swing with a little background before sunset and people taking selfie.

On the next day, I woke up early to catch a sunrise I think it was around 6.30 am and it was super beautiful even a picture can’t describe how pretty is the view. It’s like a painting where you’ll see two big hills and the sun pops out between of them and then there’s a sea after that. (Don’t worry I’ll put the picture down here). Then we went for break we went out for snorkeling for two hours due to our schedule on that day was that we’re leaving Gili Trawangan around 4pm so my friends and I pay for our snorkeling boat and It’s around 200k each person after negotiation. I got to see tortoise and it was huge! I also got to see many beautiful reefs. Oh I lost my first clothes in here as in my dry clothes because I forgot I left it at the boat and by the time I tried to search, the boat is already somewhere maybe in another Gili. After snorkeling we decided to just chilling out at Pearl Lounge, ordered a gelato and coconut until we finally reached our time to board the boat.

 Catching a sunrise around 6.30am
Snorkeling in Gili Meno. We only got one place due to our time is only two hours.
At Pearl Lounge, Gili Trawangan.
So I think that’s my little story for one day in Gili Trawangan, I really want to go back to Gili again, hopefully soon or this year again I’ll come back visit Lombok and explore Lombok further.