Review: Lola and The Boy Next Door

Title: Lola and The Boy Next Door
Hardcover, 384 pages
Published September 29th 2011 by Dutton Books
Lola Nolan is a budding costume designer, and for her, the more outrageous, sparkly, and fun the outfit, the better. And everything is pretty perfect in her life (right down to her hot rocker boyfriend) until the Bell twins, Calliope and Cricket, return to the neighborhood. When Cricket, a gifted inventor, steps out from his twin sister’s shadow and back into Lola’s life, she must finally reconcile a lifetime of feelings for the boy next door

This is my second book by Stephanie Perkins and I will give this book 4/5 stars, this was such a quick read for me and i did enjoy reading this book but it does not really gives me those feeling but I like every characters from this book. The stories were told in one person pov which by Lola’s pov. You know the thing about contemporary book is that they usually ends with happy ending but it’s kind of cliffhanger as in “okay they’re happily ever after, but I NEED MOOOORE!” it’s never enough when it comes to contemporary book, I need more and more of the stories.

Overall : 4/5 Stars

Cover & Stories: I love the cover so much, it’s really cute and pretty and it tells you about the setting for the stories which is in San Fransisco and the picture is the famous Golden Gate bridge. If you haven’t read this book yet, but you tempted to buy it, it’s okay, sometimes I buy book because of the cover too (hehe). The plot/stories itself is not hard to follow, it’s like we follow someone’s story and you just can imagine it right away. Although the ending or the plot is quite predictable but there are some cute moment that will make you swoon but then one thing about contemporary novel is that the ending is just left open to us for whatever the possibilities for each character and what I want is: I NEED MORE OF THEMMMM.

Plot: Lola has a boyfriend, introduced in the very first chapter and her adoptive parents are gay couple (which one of her parents is her uncle). Her parents didn’t agree with her ‘sexy rocker badass boyfriend’ because he’s just too old for her, but Lola didn’t care about it because she’s in love with him (you know back when you were teenager and have those kind of feeling and just don’t care about what other people say? No?). But she has her past that always coming back to her, haunts her and probably the one that she can’t forget about it. Her first love was her neighbor, the boy next door and she was best friend with him first until they were teenager and they grew feelings with each other but things got very wrong in the very last night they meet before they were separate for two years. It’s the closure that she never really gets from Cricket (her first love) and it just left open for god knows how long and if I were Lola, I will be very very curious to find out whether he really felt the same about me or not back then. But she was trying so hard to forget him and now she has ‘older’ boyfriend and when Cricket moves back again to his house, she just can’t run away from the past. She really tries to convinced herself that she already over him, and does not have any feeling anymore but deep down she knows she still has some feeling for him. So the plot is how Lola finding the one (even though it’s obviously there’s only ONE) and it’s about choosing the right person and learning to how to not lying to herself about her own feeling.

Setting: San Fransisco, US. It’s not really hard to imagine the setting on my mind although i have never been to US, I have seen San Fransisco landscape on movie a few times so it’s really easy to get the picture of the setting.



She’s quirky, she loves to make her own dress/clothes and she loves to dress differently like every day has its own theme for her dress and it reminds me of Andie from Pretty In Pink. They were actually pretty similar in the way that Andie can also make her own dress, her own prom/formal dance dress just like Lola except Andie loves anything about pink but she also has that unique sense of style just like Lola.


WHAT  really frustrates me is that she keeps lying to herself that she’s over him when clearly she’s not. But then I don’t quite like how she felt like it’s okay to giving false hope to Cricket while she already has a boyfriend so it’s more like she’s cheating on her bf, i mean she was really confused with herself and her feelings towards Cricket and Max but then she keeps being in denial for a while until Anna and St. Clair (thanks to these couple) gave her some advice on what to do or do what you feel is right and stop lying to yourself.

Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) as Lola

What I love from Lola is that she doesn’t care about what people say when she dresses up so unique because she knows she loves it and no one can change the way she dress up except those one moment when she broke up with her bf, Max, and gosh I want to punch him so much, he was the one who told her that Lola is always being fake, not herself, dressing weird with costume for every day and that moment really changed or hit her until she changed the she dress up, she dress up just in black/dark color without her colorful skirt or dress and even people around her notices the change in her. But thanks to Cricket, she finally realized and healed her heartbreak through time and she become herself again. Her parents are so supportive and sometimes is so strict with her, her birth mother is used to be a homeless woman and has some alcohol problem if I’m not mistaken and in the half of the chapters she was really ashamed with her mother but then she learns something and make peace with her mother which was really nice.


Cricket is officially my favourite and more ‘realistic’ fictional boyfriend (if that makes sense?) after Levi from Fangirl. He is really smart and so tall, he’s such a geek, he takes Mechanical Engineering as in Engineering the same major as what I’m taking now except mine is Petroleum, he’s socially awkward which sometimes really cute (he talks too fast when panicking) and the plus thing is that he happens to be handsome. ONE THING that is important from him is that he has a great sense of style. I mean he cares about fashion, how he dress up, in other words, he’s stylish. What a perfect guy to find eh?

I love how the cover is really picturing Lola and Cricket

He basically changed from the last time Lola met him two years ago, he is more straightforward and he felt guilty for what he did to Lola back then, but he told Lola about his feeling and he’s just don’t care about Lola having boyfriend as long as he told about his feeling, so he just spills it out. In here, he’s not described as a complicated guy (or problematic guy), Cricket is pretty much a normal guy, every day doing his college project/homework and has a twin sister who were once messing up his relationship with Lola two years ago. Besides being a normal guy, he’s also really sweet with Lola, I love him when he gave her his own gift, he made it by himself and it’s just such a sweet moment. If I met Cricket (IF) I would probably have a huge crush on him, I mean who doesn’t? 🙂


She was described by Lola that she was very mean to her and probably because she was just jealous of her twin brother of having special friend other than her. Or more or less she was bi*chy. She’s an olympic figure skater and she’s really pretty. I think as they grow older, and because Lola actually helps make a new dress for her competition, she finally kind of stop being selfish and make peace with Lola.

Andy & Nathan

I love them, they are such a dynamic couple in my opinion. I mean Nathan is more like the protective father and Andy is more like to the caring mom. I like how they take care of Lola since she was a baby, love how they really really love and care about Lola (I mean obv, they’re her parents,duh).

Favorite moments

  • Anna and St. Clair cameo, well not really a cameo because they involved with Lola and Cricket at some part and i still love them and St. Clair still hasn’t changed at all, still attractive and annoying. I LOVE THEM.
  • When Cricket and Lola talks from their window, it’s just cute and sweet moment.
  • When Cricket helps Lola before they went to the Winter Formal *Cricket know how to do a hair do, what things that he can’t do seriously?*
  • When Cricket and Lola gave each other a gift that really means to them and especially when Cricket gave those special gift he made just for her, it’s just awwwwww so sweet :”)

So I guess that’s all, see you guys on next post!


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